Who is this aimed at?

Pynkiss is for the fashion and quality conscious, from baby to mum and teens. This is a true designer collection and so is aimed at those that want quality and cutting edge design.

How did you come up with the concept of Pynkiss?

We wanted to create a high-end brand, something really special and different from the other Hello Kitty ranges. Working with designers we knew previously from our work with Victoria Couture really helped us come up with the concept of the Pynkiss bow and all hand stitched bejewelling with the crystals, sequin and beads. Then we need to work with Sanrio along these themes to get a license that would allow us enough room to create a truly different and sophisticated brand.

What inspired the ranges?

The idea of bejewelling really appealed to me because of my background. This is about selling luxury and being a gemologist I know all about selling luxury! This will always be a high-end brand I can sell luxury clothing the same as I can sell a diamond ring, after all the clients will be the same as they all want the same thing - something special. Luxury is luxury and wearing a bejewelled T-shirt is the same wearing a ring

.When will the Pynkiss stores open?

When can buyers place orders? (Both franchisees and stockists) - We will start taking orders the week of launch from 24th September 2011 and delivery will be January 2012.

How many pieces will the first collection have?


When will it launch?

Milan fashion week

Can you tell us about the hand finished pieces?

Some are hand finished and some are not to provide a choice for the customer. Some pieces with the crystals, sequins and beading weigh over 300 grams and are beautifully hand finished. This hand finishing also gives a certain degree of uniqueness because they are individually completed.

Is the entire collection designed in Milan?

The entire design team is based in Milan.

How many collections will there be each year?

Two main collections for spring/summer and autumn/winter and limited editions designs periodically thought the year. We will also have 2 flash collections to make sure we are bang on trend and totally up to date fashion wise.

Where are your main offices?

Milan, Beirut, Hong Kong

Do have an online retail operation?

Yes, we expect that to be ready in January 2013

Will your online store be global?

Yes we will have a global presence in terms of online retail